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This studio seeks to challenge current modes of perceiving through the use of new technologies and proposes exploration into alternate models in order to design architecture for the multiplicitous body. It does this through three lines of related inquiry: 

  1. the examination of human interaction with architecture and ways of producing more communicative structures; 

  2. the examination of the cyborg and the production of sensorial and biometric devices that produce perceptual shifts; 

  3. and the examination of the built environment and how it can be augmented through the production of narrative and world building that re-imagines Hong Kong.  

Below you will find work completed in my architectural studio at CUHK from academic year 2021-2022. 

Please click here to find links to all student final videos

Participating Students: Brandon Kau, Eric Lau, Bernie Au, Chenyu Wang, Hin Leung, Jake Wong, Janice Chan, Sam Leung, Tiffany Yuen, Vanessa Chen, Vivien Lee

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In summer of 2022, our studio work was be exhibited at the RIBA China Chapter - Women in Architecture Digital Nexus 2022 Exhibition, "She is an Architect."

To the left: a short video compilation of clips from select projects of the studio

Below: our RIBA exhibition poster

Virtuality Artifacts, Anthropocene Ontology- by Bernie Au, CUHK Best Studio Project Prize Winner

This speculative project examines the digital artifacts we leave behind and how they are archived, representing a digital fingerprint of subjectivity and society. It proposes a self building structure that continuously grows as new data is created.The space is meant to provide a storage site for all of our digital data, for both recall and collection, reprenenting the current anthropological moment.

Bubbbbles- by Tiffany Yuen

This speculative project proposes a playful intervention in a dis-used lot in Hong Kong. It uses various typological forms of 'bubbles' to provide different spaces that can accommodate programs that range in food production, entertainment, fashion recycle and artist craft space. It converses with the hyper dense commercial surroundings to propose a site that looks at commercial enterprise from a more sustainable perspective. It connects back to existing infrastructures to bring people to a, currently unconnected, public area, and includes flexible structures that can extend and contract depending on the programmatic needs.

Responsive Architectures Experiments: 

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