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The thesis project is an opportunity to pursue a burning question and develop a specific area of specialization likely to yield benefits to like-minded individuals, allied disciplines, or the world in general. Coupled with the Design As Research and Thesis Seminar courses, the thesis will proceed along a path that intertwines research, design development, and diverse methods for asking ever more sharply defined questions. 

Participating Students: Samuel Clough, Dante Egizi, Layal Nassif, Quang Nguyen, Virginia Partlow, Charles Perechinsky, Riley Sagan, Joseph Slunt, Joshua Ssebuwufu, Schuyler Wilkerson

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This thesis studio was conducted over the spring term of the 2023-24 Academic Year with supporting courses: Design as Research in the Fall and Thesis Seminar in the Spring. It was attended by master's students at WIT. Please see some of the work the thesis studio created. 

And congratulations to Schuyler Wilkerson for winning the ARCC King Medal for Research, and to Layal Nassif and Jossua Ssebuwufu for receiving the Design Excellence Award!

To the left: Layal Nassif, "A Drawing's Responsibility"

Below: Joshua Ssebuwufu, "Buganda Urban Renaissance"

Above: Riley Sagan, "An Architectural Journey"

Above: Samuel Clough, "Healing by Principle"

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