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"I understand architecture because I have a body from which to understand it." - (paraphrase) Heinrich Wölfflin


This studio seeks to challenge current modes of perceiving and proposes exploration into alternate models. Examining environmental conditions, sensorial stimuli, and ways of reading the body and its response, we will be designing architecture for the body. We will be learning from the expertise of cognitive scientists, psychologists, and neurologists. We will experiment with different forms of scale, media, representation techniques and methods of design and fabrication in order to produce perceptual manipulations. Through the development of these provocations and through readings of theoretical and scientific discourse concerning the body in the built environment, we will discover and dissect the value of designing a particular experience for the body and what the implications of this are for subjectivity and for the architectural profession in general. 

Participating Students: Catherine Guo, Adabelle Poon, Alex Li, Angel Chan, Cherie Deng, Ethan Cheung, Evangeline So, Ian Leung, Jacky Lam, Julio Lai, Kinsey Yip, Matthew Fung, Nicole Lai, Tracy Ting 

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In June of 2021, our graduating student work was exhibited at the Hong Kong Arts Centre Pao Galleries. Please find here some of the work exhibited.


Left: The Glitch, film by Adabelle Poon and Angel Chan 

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